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This isn’t Grubhub!? How do I order?

We release a new menu of take and bake Midwestern inspired comfort food here every Saturday at 3pm. 

When you place your order you can choose a Thursday or Friday delivery.

All orders will be delivered on your chosen day, sometime between 9am and 4pm. We can't provide a specific delivery time but we'll send you a text when we know our ETA.

I hate onions. Can you leave them off of my order?

Maybe! Include your dietary restrictions in the notes sections when you place your order. Nine times out of ten we CAN accommodate special request. If we can’t, we’ll reach out to let you know and refund or replace that part of your order.

I don’t live in your delivery zone, can I order anyway?

Maybe! Our delivery boundaries are hand drawn and sometimes we miss a street or two. Please send us an email and we may be able to help, either by resetting our delivery zone to include your address or setting up a time for you to pick up your order from us in Logan Square.

Is it just me, or have your prices gone up?

It is NOT just you!

Like everyone else, our grocery and packaging costs have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. In 2020 a case of our foil pans was around $50 dollars, now it’s $120.

We promise the decision to raise our prices isn’t arbitrary or rooted in greed, just us adapting to survive.

How do you determine your prices?

Just like every other dining establishment, the price of your food doesn’t JUST cover the ingredients. The money we make from each dish helps cover the cost of paying our kitchen staff $20 an hour, renting space in our shared kitchen, buying equipment, and the licenses/fees/insurance that allow us to legally operate in Chicago.

It also helps us maintain our ancient delivery van through brutal Summers and harsh Winters, and finally, paying ourselves for our time and labor.

That being said, we believe everyone deserves a good meal. If you would like to order but can't pay the full amount, please email us and we’ll work something out.